Thousands of buyers from abroad attended HOST Istanbul, the major event in the Turkish household and kitchen appliances sector.

Thousands of buyers from abroad attended HOST Istanbul, the major event in the Turkish household and kitchen appliances sector.

Now in its fifteenth edition, HOST Istanbul featured a total of 303 exhibiting companies introducing their latest products, designs and collections to 12,770 professional visitors from 102 countries along with Turkey.  

HOST Istanbul, the spring season fair of the $10 billion Turkish home and kitchenware industry, took place at the Tuyap Beylikdüzü Fair and Congress Centre, bringing together 4,588 buyers from abroad with domestic manufacturers from the Turkish household and kitchen appliances sector. In attendance at the event were professionals from the Americas and Central and Western Europe, as well as the Middle East, Africa, BTD and the Balkan countries, and the Asia-Pacific region.  

Commenting on the results of HOST Istanbul 2022, Tarsus Turkey General Manager Zekeriya Aytemur said, “Our two years of international promotional activities for HOST Istanbul, an export-oriented fair, and our Overseas Buyer Program and the Purchasing Delegation program of our Ministry of Commerce certainly reaped successful results at the Fair. From the first day, we increased the number of foreign visitors by three times at HOST Istanbul, where we have welcomed thousands of visitors in the past. Turkey has become a key link in the global supply chain, especially in the home and kitchenware sector; this was amply demonstrated at this year’s HOST Istanbul. At the Fair, which was visited by buyers from four continents, our domestic producers opened new export markets while signing millions of dollars in trade agreements. We set the motto of the Fair as #ticaretinmerkezi, and HOST Istanbul 2022 is yet again trade centre of the home and kitchenware sector.”

HOST Istanbul was the first major event for the Turkish home & kitchenware industry this year. The sector’s exports in 2021 amounted to $ 6 billion, with an increase of 33.5 per cent compared to the previous year; export targets of $7.5 billion have been set for 2022. The Fair showcased the latest innovations in domestically produced tableware and utensils, cooking equipment, plastic household goods and garden accessories, homewares, decorative household and kitchen utensils, and electrical appliances. Three hundred and three companies, all domestic, exhibited in the event.

HOST Istanbul 2022 was held by Tarsus Turkey in cooperation with ZÜCDER and organized with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, IMMIB and KOSGEB. The event took place in Halls 11, 12 and 14 of the Tuyap Beylikdüzü Fair and Congress Centre in a total area of 30,000 thousand square meters.

HOST Istanbul 2022 exhibitors share their feedback

At HOST Istanbul 2022, exhibiting brands and visitors expressed their satisfaction, saying that the event created new export opportunities for domestic home and kitchenware manufacturers and exceeded their expectations. Brands exhibiting in the fifteenth edition of HOST Istanbul share their experiences:

Akcam - Sami Barut - Member of the Board of Directors

“We feel extremely positive in general about the Fair, which went quite well. We expected that customers would come from all over the world, but the number and diversity of customers exceeded our expectations.”  

Avşar Emel - Murat Tabak - General Manager

"Avşar Enamel exhibited in HOST Istanbul for the fifteenth time and we plan to exhibit again next year. This year, the Fair was quite productive from our point of view. It met all our expectations. It was especially nice to be able to get together with companies from abroad. We are also extremely pleased with our guests who visited our stand. We had a nice, efficient and high-quality fair.”

Aykut Kitchenware - Sercan Ozchimen - Chairman of the Board of Directors

“The Fair went very well for us. It’s a busy crowd and there was a great deal of interest.  We’ve attended this event for the last ten or eleven years and the Fair consistently meets our expectations. We did a lot of work for HOST Istanbul and we brought new products; in the coming years, we plan to continue to introduce completely different, new products.”

Herevin - Murat Solmazer - General Manager

“Obviously, we only recently realized the performance potential of this export-oriented fair. It seems that successful business has been conducted by effectively utilizing the push towards Turkey. As exhibitors, we are extremely pleased. We were also quite pleased with the traffic from foreign visitors. Senior purchasing officials from various countries, along with major chains, distributors, brands and distributors were at the event. Such a variety of visitors is really more than we expected. We plan to exhibit next year as well.”

Sigma Glass - Ahmet Atlıoğlu - Company Owner

“Our Fair started well and ended very well. It met our expectations. The number of visitors from abroad was quite high. We prepared our summer collections for this event and presented them to highly appreciative customers! The audience at the fair was great, and the vast majority were definite buyer customers. Perfect!”

The sixteenth edition of HOST Istanbul will take place on March 9-12, 2023 at Tuyap Beylikdüzü. At HOST Istanbul 2023, more than 15,000 domestic and international visitors are expected to attend, along with 400 domestic brands and manufacturers. HOST Istanbul 2023 is anticipated to cover an area of 40,000 square meters.  

For more detailed information: www.hostistanbulfair.com